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Eid Adha

So it’s Eid Adha after two days and we have nine days off. Wishing you all a happy Eid. I’m not traveling anywhere but my friend is visiting from Egypt and I’m so excited.



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Vacation with my friends

I’ve been posting a lot about my friends in Kuwait and now they are here with me in Egypt for a short visit. Melissa came to Cairo last week and I took her to the must-see places such as the pyramids, Cairo tower, Egyptian museum, Nile cafés, khan al khalili in addition to other places. Then came Amal and followed by Ghadeer. We all attended my nephew’s baby shower on a boat. It was so much fun. Following day we went to the North Coast and we’re still there. I can hardly get Melissa out of the sun and beach. She can stay all day to get tanned. Today we went to la femme beach which is only for ladies. We all got tanned and danced and enjoyed the day. We just got back from Porto Marina and had dinner at Chilis and took a quick tour around. You know what? We found a new service company called taxi al sa7el. You never find taxis there if you know the north coast. So, today I found it and tried it for the first time and I totally believe it’s a brilliant idea. Well, we still have one more day here and then off to cairo from where Mel will go back to kuwait. Amal and Ghadeer are leaving tomorrow but will come back after Ramadan inshallah. What a great holiday.

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Eid Holiday

So what are u doing during the 9-days Eid Holiday? If you are not traveling, what plans do you have on mind other than going to Restaurants, cinemas, cafés and malls? I tried to book a room in Failaka island or sea shell resort but unfortunately they are fully booked. I know that I’m a bit late to reserve now cause people reserve two months in advance, but I thought we were traveling and it didn’t work out. However, we reserved a chalet in Al Rimal Hotel for the weekend but till then what are we gonna do or hang out? I have my friends coming over on Tuesday for lunch. It will be sort of dish party, everyone coming will bring a dish or two instead of doing all the cooking myself. Can’t wait for that day cause I know the dishes and I’m addicted to that sort of food. So, if you have new ideas to spend our two other days please let me know. Thank you all and wishing you a lovely vacation.

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Guess What?!

So guess what everybody???? I got married last week, yes me and my Ex returned back to each other. Believe me it wasn’t planned at all and it all happened at a glimpse. You remember how hesitant I was about all this but this is what happened. After coming back from the beach with my friends and daughter, we found Hanaa’s husband arrived from Cairo and he surprised us by inviting my Ex and other friends over dinner. They made us sit together at a corner and see how things will go. We discussed all details and talked about the troubles that may face us if we go ahead and do this and strange enough we were both content. So our friends asked us what was our plan and Mohamed told then that we will get together when we return back to Kuwait. But guess what? Our friend Abdel Kader called the mathoun (the man who makes the wedding ceremony and announces us as man and wife) and he came and we finalized everything in the morning. It was a crazy night and we didn’t sleep, we were all excited and waiting to make this happen. Woke up in the morning and Hanaa took me to the hairdresser and I was all ready for the day which was also my daughter’s birthday. Can’t describe how we were all excited and happy. As for me, I was a bit concerned and worried cause I didn’t tell my parents, but anyway I know that they wouldn’t agree and that they don’t want him back as a son in law. He was my husband before and the father of our children and I’m old enough to take the decision and I did. Well I hope time will heal things with my parents. As for now I’m happy and we had three lovely days as a honeymoon in North Coast with our friends and now we are back in Kuwait to start a new year and a new beginning. A happy one I wish.


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Exciting Week

Ohhh this week was really exciting. I had fun for a change. I really needed that change. It started with my sister’s wedding at Four Seasons Nile Plaza. My mother had booked us two rooms for me and my friends. We went to the hotel at noon and my kids of course couldn’t resist the swimming pool. After that they both went to the saloon for a new hair look. I also had a professional makeup artist in my room and I really had a new lovely look. The wedding started and as they say good times fly away. I really thought that the wedding was only like one hour, even though it lasted till past two am. It was great in all ways. We all had fun, the bride was gorgeous, the food was delicious and plenty and rich with sea food, the decoration was master and everyone was happy. Next day we drove to Ain Al Sokhna, our chalet is after Porto and we spent like one day and a half. The weather was extremely terrific with a lovely breeze, I was afraid it would be hot. We all enjoyed the beach, sun and sea. Came back to Cairo and off went my son along with my friends to Kuwait. I will miss them.


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Bye bye Kuwait

Bye bye Kuwait. This is my last day here for this summer. I’m traveling tomorrow to Egypt to spend my very long vacation there. I will be very busy the first week there, so I guess I won’t have time to blog. But maybe later I will keep u posted with what happened in the wedding and maybe post some pics and will definitely tell u about our day by the beach with my friends. So until then, goodbye and wishing u a lovely vacation.

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Two weeks left

I’m counting down the days. There are only two weeks left. But for what exactly. You won’t believe me if I say that I don’t know the reason why I’m counting. It might be because I can’t wait for my trip to Egypt, which means summer vacation. Oh quite a long one this year, nearly three months away from Kuwait. Another reason is that I can’t wait for my sister’s wedding in June most probably as I’ve finally bought a suit for my son “his first formal one” oh how handsome and cute he is when wearing it. I’m also counting days for their exams to finish and for me to take a deep breath without any more headaches, stress and sleepless nights. I still have another reason which I’m not quite sure whether its a happy or sad one but I’m waiting to find out what will happen with my Ex, will we get back together or shall I remain free and happy as I once was just a few months before? I will leave everything for the time being and see how will things turn out to be cause right now I’m not certain about my feelings so I can’t take a decision. My cousin told me that I might think better when I’m far away from him even though she’s supporting me to get back to him for the kids sake and interest. Well, I definitely need a break and a rest from all the incidents that happened this year. So as soon as the wedding is over, I’ll drive to our chalet in Ain Al Sokhna for a couple of days with my dear friends who are coming with me to Egypt and will just lay down by the sea and day dream, relax and enjoooooy.

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