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The Candles Restaurant

Yesterday my friends and I went to try this new restaurant everyone is talking about in the city nowadays. The name above is not the real name of the restaurant but it might give a hint. Well, I got to know that one of my favorite singers perform Live there every Tuesday and I really wanted to go and hear him sing and play and also check out this new place. So, I called the restaurant two days before we go and asked if we need to reserve in advance and they confrimed that no we can just show up there anytime.

We went at 7:30 pm and it was crowded and had to wait on the list. I didn’t mind at the begining as I thought it would be like everywhere else in the avenues (10 minutes or something). We stood outside literally in the street in the cold weather for nearly an hour. My friend’s husband got really upset and gave us all the bad looks we could get and I was determined to stay and wait. But when I noticed that a lot of ladies going inside without waiting like us, I had to stand up and see what’s going on. I asked the waiter and he said yes these are the celebrities and today is their day. I got upset as no one told us from the start that it was booked up. I knew they were bloggers and fashionistas but nevertheless, we waited for an hour and instead they could have been honest from the start. The place is so tiny but I didn’t even get the chance to see it from the inside. I didn’t want any problems with my friend and her hubby so we left and had dinner in another restaurant around the corner which turned out to be a nice experience unlike the other one.


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Um Kalthoum “Japanese version”

I just received an e-mail from a friend with this YouTube song as an attachment. The song is a very old one which was one of the hits of our Legend Egyptian Singer Um Kalthoum but this time it is being sung by a group of Japanese girls. I was really impressed and proud at the same time. Of course she couldn’t pronounce all the letters correctly but she did a very good job.

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