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My first attempt 

This is my very first attempt to make a Chocolate Easter Egg and I’m really proud of myself.  Happy Easter everyone. 


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My fabulous friend Heba and her trip to Rwanda

I’m quoting what my fabulous friend wrote about her latest volunteering trip to Rwanda. I’m speechless and I’m so proud of her. While I was having the best time of my life just relaxing at the beach with my old friends, she was doing a great job. So here you go:

“We were sitting on a bus. It’s our first day there. More than a thousand miles from comfort. The bus was reversing into traffic, a few cars were waiting for this maneuver to be over.

I look out the window, serenity flutters by in the form of a large white butterfly. For a moment time has taken a break and I watch it slowly circle in the air resembling a wave and peacefully leave. While we were still in a crowded bus, on a busy street, attracting the attention of quite a few smiling locals, I was left with a smile.

I now realize why it had that effect on me. That butterfly will be exactly how I remember Rwanda. The land of a thousand smiles in a world filled with non-stop motion and sometimes chaos.

Rwanda has overcome so much and it is a nation that is rich. Rich because they possess a well of forgiveness I pray the world could dip into.

I have so many stories to tell and memories to share, soon.

I owe this experience to the good people of Rwanda, @oxadventure and my OXRwanda family”

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