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Shakshooka Market’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated the second birthday of Shakshooka Market at the Secret Garden. It was an event not to be missed. It was great to see more shakshookian members in the garden after some time.  Our customers and friends were surrounding and supporting us. Great weather, perfect musicians, delucious cake, happy faces, awesome food, excellent vibe, what else do anyone need to have fun? Perfecto indeed  



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Saturday Night Lights

I was still sick yesterday but my husband encouraged me to go to the Saturday Night Lights at the Secret Garden. I’m so happy that we went although I was a bit tired but it was worth it. I will post some pics for u to see for yourself how fun it was.







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Lavicka Cafe

I know I wrote a review about Lavicka Cafe before, the one in Burj Jassem but this time it’s not a review about the regular daily menu. Oh no, it’s about their special preparation and organization for a special Birthday Party.

We surprised our friend Mai and celebrated her belated birthday there. The owner of the cafe was so nice and took care of the event from A to Z. The variety of canapés, savory, mini sandwiches, small tarts and chocolates were more than delicious and not to mention the presentation itself of course. Everything was presented in elegant sophisticated trays and stands from Tabletop which is also located in Burj Jassem. The flowers were placed in lovely colorful vases. Then the custom-made cake was just amazing and beyond expectations. All this and I haven’t told you yet that the cafe isn’t just a normal one surrounded by four walls, but it’s rather like a hanging garden with real trees and plants. We had such a great time and I truly recommend all our friends to have their parties there and they also cater outside and do showers and receptions. Thank you Lavicka for a great night.





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Surprise Birthday Party

My birthday was on the 17th and since my kids have exams I kept hinting and telling my friends that I can’t go out these two weeks. However, we woke up on Friday finding my husband insisting that we go out to the mall to buy stuff before I leave kuwait. I agreed as he kept on nagging and I told the kids what to study until we come back. We went to the avenues and kept on walking and walking and saw a lot of shops. Honestly I was not in the mood for shopping and I told him that I will come later as I still don’t know what I need. So he told me let’s go to the jewelers shops to buy me a gift. Headed there, but found most of them closed cause it was Friday. Now I really wanted to go home to see the kids studying and follow up with them. Then he told me let’s have lunch! Honestly?? I didn’t know what’s wrong with him, but he was upset when I told him no. I already cooked for the day and I was in a hurry. However, we went to eat at Olive Garden. Strange enough, he kept ordering soft drinks, salads, appetizers and then the main dish. He ate and he seemed very hungry and thirsty. What’s going on? I thought to myself, till I heard a Whatsapp notification from his mobile. Reached and read it and it said “we are ready”. Oh my god, they were preparing something at my home and he was wasting time until they finish. I asked him what were they planning but he said nothing and took the phone with a smile. He looked so innocent and pure and I loved that look. In so many years I didn’t get that feeling. Oh I love my husband. Went home, quite sure that I will find my friends cars but no trace. Went up, opened the door to find them all there waiting for me and with a Glow in the Dark theme. They were all wearing neon head bands, bracelets, earrings, lipstick, nail polish, etc… I found neon paper on the floor and the walls. They even decorated the tables and trees. It was all glowing. There were two disco balls and a loud speaker with all the songs I love. Two of my friends were sick but they came to please me. They ordered a lovely pink cake with my initial and lots of food. I got another home made cake baked by my friend and some homemade burgers by another friend. We danced all evening and I had a great night, never to be forgotten.
Both my kids too were involved and helped out. Had a perfect bday and I have to thank them all (my loving family and gorgeous friends). I love you all.




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She’s not just a Teacher

I don’t know from where to start but my daughter had a problem this year at school and I might have mentioned it here before. She was felt neglected and left out all year. The girls in her class weren’t talking to her and never invited her over at their homes even they do these gatherings on a weekly basis. She used to come home crying from their behavior. So one day I decided to email her class teacher and tell her about this problem. She was very sincere and concerned and felt bad cause she loves mariam and says she’s a sweet girl. Anyway she tried talking to the girls once and I guess nothing happened ever since. This was last month. Two days ago I received a letter from school inviting my daughter to a girls party after school and it was signed by her teacher. I understood that she planned this to mix and mingle the girls and yes it was a great event. I appreciate what she’s done. It was an incredible idea and she came back home so happy. Ever since I received the letter I was so happy and loved the idea and the fact that she was really concerned and trying to solve this issue. She had really done more than any teacher would have done. I appreciate it and can’t thank her enough. Hope the other girls got the message and even if they didn’t, it’s enough that this teacher tried and tried with all her heart and mariam was so happy and had fun for the first time since quite a long time. Thank you teacher and May God bless you and fulfill your dreams. Hope you are reading this Ms Jennifer from KAS and even if you r not, I will sure write you a special letter.

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My Besties Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my two besties in Kuwait Amal and Ghadeer. Yes they are sisters, not twins, but one was born on the 22nd and the other on 23rd. So we decided to celebrate both yesterday. Our plan was to bring all their friends and surprise them but luck wasn’t our friend this time as all their uncommon friends were out of town unfortunately. However, we weren’t a big number but it turned out perfectly. We surprised them with a limo in front of their house and they weren’t really expecting it at all. So they were thrilled when we showed up in this way. We had a tour in this really beautiful limo which was filled with balloons and juice and had a CD for birthday songs and we sang along and played games. Then we headed back to their place and continued the games and started dancing and then came the gorgeous cake. Oh everything was just perfect and we had fun and so did the birthday girls. Love you Amal and Ghadeer.

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Awesome Week

This week is just awesome by all means. It started with my old friend winning the elections at the shooting club and became a board member. We supported him through the social media and by spreading the word to all our friends and families. This was my role as I couldn’t go and vote for him unfortunately. Our other friends stood by him step by step through the whole procedure. We were all worried and tensed till they announced it. I was so happy. This is what true friends are for.
Yesterday I had a TV interview with Al Jazeera channel to support our friend Lulwa. I was so frightened and didn’t know what to say but as soon as the camera rolled on, the words came out of my mouth spontaneously. It was such an awesome experience.
This Thursday my daughter is throwing a dancing party at our home. So of course I’m excited and can’t wait to dance along even though I have the feeling that she won’t let me lol. I have lots of planning to make and that’s something I like. Busy fun week it is.

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