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Law case by Zain

I had a terrible
day today. Went to renew my car license and finished all basic procedures such as paying insurance, fa7s fany, request violation fees and found nothing thank God, so I headed to finish my paper work and get the new license. Then came the shock; the lady on the counter said that I can’t renew the car and it will be withheld cause there’s a law case against me. What is she talking about? I said to myself. Had no idea what was that about? She didn’t tell me another word and didn’t explain anything so I went downstairs asking about that until I found a lady who told me that zain has filed a case against me and I had to go to court to settle it and pay the amount requested which was 60 KD. Strange enough, it wasn’t my phone number or I mustn’t say strange enough cause I’m certain that I paid all my bills up to date. What to do? Nothing! Zain has no answer except that this number is in my name, tayeb how come? The court doesn’t care, they just want to collect the money shown on their PC. The following step was going to be “banned from traveling” not just that but worse, it could reach prison as some people were sentenced because of that and because they didn’t know about it earlier unfortunately. I am considered lucky somehow as next month I was traveling and if I hadn’t paid that amount they would simply arrest me at the airport. Oh my God. I had no other option but to pay so I went to kuwait city to Justice house/court and paid and they told me to go to Hawally to get a release paper which I did then I was asked to go to Jabriya to document all that on the system. From 8 am till 1pm I was roaming from one governmental entity to another. It was hectic and unbelievable and I still have to go again tomorrow to do my license, hope it works out.


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