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Without a Car

Over a month ago,  my son was driving my car and had a terrible accident.  Of course I know that it is quite possible for a young man who just started driving to have an accident and I guess all beginners do,  but I never thought it would be that bad.  Thank God he is OK but my car is ruined.  It’s been five weeks now at the mechanics and they are still working and fixing it.  Not to mention the amount of money I paid till now and how my husband is pissed off,  but I’m the one who is suffering. I’m a prisoner at home and I can’t do both personal or work errands.  I’m jobless and I think that even whenever I get my car back I won’t have work anymore.  I was supposed to deliver my products last month to some markets and I didn’t.  No one will rely on my word again.  I feel awful and my husband can’t handle the kids outings and lessons.  He’s not used to driving back and forth like I do. He knows that I’m stuck and never offered to drive me to those markets to deliver my late orders.  On the contrary,  he stayed a lot at home this past month cause he was tired and exhausted.  We are both under stress.  I feel bad without a car and I’m too far from the markets and from my family as well.  I haven’t seen my parents for two months.  Now my Kuwaiti friend Adam is coming next week and I don’t know what am I going to do.  First I won’t be able to fetch her from the airport plus I won’t be able to see her everyday.  Oooof such a terrible feeling such a terrible situation.  Hope I get back my car this week. 


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Surprise Birthday Party

My birthday was on the 17th and since my kids have exams I kept hinting and telling my friends that I can’t go out these two weeks. However, we woke up on Friday finding my husband insisting that we go out to the mall to buy stuff before I leave kuwait. I agreed as he kept on nagging and I told the kids what to study until we come back. We went to the avenues and kept on walking and walking and saw a lot of shops. Honestly I was not in the mood for shopping and I told him that I will come later as I still don’t know what I need. So he told me let’s go to the jewelers shops to buy me a gift. Headed there, but found most of them closed cause it was Friday. Now I really wanted to go home to see the kids studying and follow up with them. Then he told me let’s have lunch! Honestly?? I didn’t know what’s wrong with him, but he was upset when I told him no. I already cooked for the day and I was in a hurry. However, we went to eat at Olive Garden. Strange enough, he kept ordering soft drinks, salads, appetizers and then the main dish. He ate and he seemed very hungry and thirsty. What’s going on? I thought to myself, till I heard a Whatsapp notification from his mobile. Reached and read it and it said “we are ready”. Oh my god, they were preparing something at my home and he was wasting time until they finish. I asked him what were they planning but he said nothing and took the phone with a smile. He looked so innocent and pure and I loved that look. In so many years I didn’t get that feeling. Oh I love my husband. Went home, quite sure that I will find my friends cars but no trace. Went up, opened the door to find them all there waiting for me and with a Glow in the Dark theme. They were all wearing neon head bands, bracelets, earrings, lipstick, nail polish, etc… I found neon paper on the floor and the walls. They even decorated the tables and trees. It was all glowing. There were two disco balls and a loud speaker with all the songs I love. Two of my friends were sick but they came to please me. They ordered a lovely pink cake with my initial and lots of food. I got another home made cake baked by my friend and some homemade burgers by another friend. We danced all evening and I had a great night, never to be forgotten.
Both my kids too were involved and helped out. Had a perfect bday and I have to thank them all (my loving family and gorgeous friends). I love you all.




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A full time job

It’s been a while since I’ve written here and it’s all because of my new job. I didn’t get a real job in an office as I used to do before, but what I’m doing now is more like a full time job. This new project that I started with my hubby is taking much of my time. It was such an excellent move from my husband. He knew that I am bored all day at home not doing anything and I didn’t find a real job anyway. So, we decided to participate in one of the farmers market as mentioned before and we are now going on a weekly basis but this means I’m working on a daily basis preparing for it. It’s filling my life and I’m not bored at all now, in the contrary I’m too busy to even blog as before. Plus I’m receiving calls from schools and exhibitions to participate with them. I did it last week and joined a farmers market in AlCorniche club but it was really hectic. Once a week is more than enough in addition to taking orders and delivering them throughout the week. Thank you Mo for giving me this.

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A healthy Break

My husband travelled to Egypt a week ago. He had several things to finish there so he decided to go alone and accomplish his mission without the distraction of the kids and their needs and outings. So we stayed here this week and won’t go anywhere during the National Holidays. But ever since he travelled, I go out everyday with my friends. It’s not that I couldn’t do this when he was here, but the feeling that I have nothing to worry about or the rush of going home early as he’s waiting for me is a good feeling. I needed this healthy break. I’m so happy that I enjoyed this past week and now I’m ready for my hubby to come back as I missed him and I missed his presence with us.

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A visit from Egypt

My friend Dina arrived last week. She came to Kuwait on a visit visa to her husband who is living here. I know Dina ever since we were kids in school and didn’t see her for a very long time (like 24 years) but I caught her here in the Avenues few months ago and got to know that her husband just came to work in Kuwait. Last time, I only saw her once as I didn’t know that she was here from the beginning of her visit. But this time she told me in advance. Till now I saw her three times; we had breakfast together at Vine Restaurant, another time we went to Tajin in Palms with my other friends and it was awesome as it was Christmas Eve and she liked my gang, as for the third time it was at my house for lunch and the husbands got along quite well thank God. Today her elder daughter is coming and she is busy with her but maybe tomorrow we will go out to show Malack her daughter the city. Any suggestions where to take her around as she is 20 and want to impress her.

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After the holiday

So our 9 days holiday is over. We went out every single day for either lunch or dinner and we went to the cinema and had friends over for lunch one day and over the weekend we went to Rimal hotel and resort. This was really exciting cause the kids needed a change and the best thing for them was swimming. I also enjoyed walking by the beach especially at night and touching the sand with my bare foot and just splashing into the sea with the cold breeze of the night. I had my friend Amal and her husband with us. We had two connected rooms and almost spent all day with each other. We checked out Saturday noon and headed to our home in Salwa not knowing what is ahead of us. We were all exhausted and full and couldn’t even have lunch as we have eaten for a full year ahead 😀.
We just chilled in the living room in front of the TV without moving. I didn’t even unpack our bag. However, at night Mohamed started saying that he is not feeling well and has a headache. He took Panadol and tried to sleep. The kids went to bed and so did I. I left Mohamed sleeping on the couch as he sometimes do when he is tired to walk to the bedroom. At 3:00 am he woke me up saying that he can’t take it and will go to the hospital. I went with him of course and the doctor gave him a pill under his tongue as he had real high blood pressure 155/115. They also injected him with this dripping liquid and he rested there for some time and went back home right on time to take the kids to school. Came back after that trying to get some sleep myself but I had a terrible headache as well. Got the kids from school, cooked, helped them with their Homework and took my son to the bookshop and now I will try to sleep.

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I am so worried nowadays. My friend called my mother and told her that my Ex wants me back. Mother was shocked and couldn’t believe it and said that I must be stupid to go back to him after all what he’s done to me and my family. No matter what he is willing to do to make over and that he agreed to all my conditions and that he is willing to please me and be a “Yes yes Man” after being a “No no Man” for quite a long time. She told my friend that she had to discuss all this with my father and see and till now I didn’t get a reply from them. I’m used to receive a phone call every Friday from my mum but she simply missed this week. I know that I have to call her myself but honestly I can’t confront her. If my Ex just accepts to call them and try to be nice, this would really help but he doesn’t want to deal with them or get embarrassed. Nevertheless, I’m going out with him, spending some quality time talking and discussing our future, plans and setting new rules to work it out. I don’t know what to call him if we ran into someone I know and have to introduce him. Would I say my Ex, Fiancé, Husband or boyfriend or what? It’s really confusing, but what’s really worrying me is that will I ever get my parents approval to re-marry him???

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