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Going to Egypt

My cousin is getting married in Egypt in three weeks. I didn’t attend his engagement party as we weren’t there at that time, but now I have to attend the big day. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go. My children are coming with me too, but taking them with me is a bit worrying me as I wanted to spend time with my friends. They don’t have friends there unfortunately and I can’t just keep them at home; it’s their holiday as well. So I really have to make a list of places to visit for them as well. I really hope we all enjoy our holiday there. If it was a bit longer, I could have taken them to Luxor and Aswan, but it’s only five days. Whatever! We will make the best out of it inshallah.


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The holiday is ending

It’s my last day in Cairo and I’m traveling back to Kuwait tomorrow inshallah. I know that our timing was not that good this time, as everybody is in sa7el (north coast) and staying till end of August. Next year I will plan to stay till the end of August too. But I have to say that I really enjoyed my holiday and i had much fun this year than last year. I met all my friends and schoolmates and we had plenty of gatherings unlike the previous years. I saw so many old friends who I didn’t see for more than twenty years and all the memories came back to us. We not just met in a regular place like a cafe or restaurants but in the ladies beach so we really had fun. I will miss you all again for another year, but till we meet again next summer my lovely and dear friends.
Now that I’m full of joy and positive energy, I am ready for another school year and I’m already missing my friends in Kuwait. Wait for me I’m coming tomorrow. Let’s have two weeks of extra fun before school starts.

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Vacation with my friends

I’ve been posting a lot about my friends in Kuwait and now they are here with me in Egypt for a short visit. Melissa came to Cairo last week and I took her to the must-see places such as the pyramids, Cairo tower, Egyptian museum, Nile cafés, khan al khalili in addition to other places. Then came Amal and followed by Ghadeer. We all attended my nephew’s baby shower on a boat. It was so much fun. Following day we went to the North Coast and we’re still there. I can hardly get Melissa out of the sun and beach. She can stay all day to get tanned. Today we went to la femme beach which is only for ladies. We all got tanned and danced and enjoyed the day. We just got back from Porto Marina and had dinner at Chilis and took a quick tour around. You know what? We found a new service company called taxi al sa7el. You never find taxis there if you know the north coast. So, today I found it and tried it for the first time and I totally believe it’s a brilliant idea. Well, we still have one more day here and then off to cairo from where Mel will go back to kuwait. Amal and Ghadeer are leaving tomorrow but will come back after Ramadan inshallah. What a great holiday.

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Eventful weekend

Tomorrow is Thursday and the fun will begin. This weekend is full of events in Kuwait. First of all I’m going to a soft opening of Vine Restaurant in Bneid Egar. My friend Lulwa invited me and our friends to taste their food and the chef will make us a special turkey as celebration of Thanksgiving for our American friends. We r going tomorrow at 7 for dinner, can’t wait. As for Friday, there is the Annual holiday bazaar in Salwa Al Sabah Hall next to Marina Hotel. Three of my friends are participating and I will be there with them of course. I love exhibitions and used to go with them in this annual bazaar but unfortunately I’m not this year, just going as a visitor. After that we have another kind of exhibition on Saturday which is Qout Market (farmers exhibition) at Arraya, roof top parking all day. Lulu is participating there and she will introduce their menu for Vine Restaurant. I feel that it is my project too, don’t know why but I feel that this will be our place to hang out always. Well, hope to see u all there in both exhibitions. I wish my friends Good Luck.

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After the holiday

So our 9 days holiday is over. We went out every single day for either lunch or dinner and we went to the cinema and had friends over for lunch one day and over the weekend we went to Rimal hotel and resort. This was really exciting cause the kids needed a change and the best thing for them was swimming. I also enjoyed walking by the beach especially at night and touching the sand with my bare foot and just splashing into the sea with the cold breeze of the night. I had my friend Amal and her husband with us. We had two connected rooms and almost spent all day with each other. We checked out Saturday noon and headed to our home in Salwa not knowing what is ahead of us. We were all exhausted and full and couldn’t even have lunch as we have eaten for a full year ahead 😀.
We just chilled in the living room in front of the TV without moving. I didn’t even unpack our bag. However, at night Mohamed started saying that he is not feeling well and has a headache. He took Panadol and tried to sleep. The kids went to bed and so did I. I left Mohamed sleeping on the couch as he sometimes do when he is tired to walk to the bedroom. At 3:00 am he woke me up saying that he can’t take it and will go to the hospital. I went with him of course and the doctor gave him a pill under his tongue as he had real high blood pressure 155/115. They also injected him with this dripping liquid and he rested there for some time and went back home right on time to take the kids to school. Came back after that trying to get some sleep myself but I had a terrible headache as well. Got the kids from school, cooked, helped them with their Homework and took my son to the bookshop and now I will try to sleep.

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Eid Holiday

So what are u doing during the 9-days Eid Holiday? If you are not traveling, what plans do you have on mind other than going to Restaurants, cinemas, cafés and malls? I tried to book a room in Failaka island or sea shell resort but unfortunately they are fully booked. I know that I’m a bit late to reserve now cause people reserve two months in advance, but I thought we were traveling and it didn’t work out. However, we reserved a chalet in Al Rimal Hotel for the weekend but till then what are we gonna do or hang out? I have my friends coming over on Tuesday for lunch. It will be sort of dish party, everyone coming will bring a dish or two instead of doing all the cooking myself. Can’t wait for that day cause I know the dishes and I’m addicted to that sort of food. So, if you have new ideas to spend our two other days please let me know. Thank you all and wishing you a lovely vacation.

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