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Gardening and Composting Workshop

To register email us at herbanworkshops@gmail.com

Get down and dirty with our Gardening & Composting workshops, this Friday and Saturday at #thesecretgardenproject from 4-6pm! #HerbanWorkshops #fromseedtosoil



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A different way to celebrate Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day in the Middle East not to confuse u with the American One. Anyway, I didn’t expect anything special since my husband is traveling and I know that my kids won’t do anything without him. But frankly speaking my daughter surprised me with a lovely gift and a great post on Instagram. I love her so much and she really made my day. 

Knowing that nothing else was expected I planned to go to the Secret Garden as it was the gardening day. I went and there were lots of activities. There was cinemagic filming a documentary movie about the garden while we were all working, then we finished and had tea and delicious brunch and then came one of my friends. While chilling, a lady came and introduced herself as a physiotherapist at Fawzia Sultan Center next door. She showed her respect towards us all for the work done in the garden and that they would love to help us by some excercises that will help us in moving and bending correctly while gardening. We had a free stretching session and will have another one after two weeks with free consultation for any back/neck/knee problems and some treatment. That’s a lovely gift indeed and I guess we need it. It was like another Mothers Day gift/surprise. It was fun at the garden yesterday and actually it is always fun over there. 



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Brunch in the Secret Garden

So we had our first Brunch in the Secret Garden last Saturday. Mimi cooked Greek Eggs with fresh herbs that we planted in the garden. Yousra baked yummy cake that unluckily me didn’t have the chance to try this time as it was sold out quickly. Mo and I cooked our delicious Egyptian foul that also was sold out in no time and I prepared some of my vegan healthy bites as well as fresh juice. It was a lovely day and the weather was surprisingly amazing. The crowd was happy and having fun. Kids were enjoying the gardening procedure and the Kuwaiti TV was interviewing them. Lovely Saturday indeed with family and friends in the open air. Hope we do it again soon.





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The Secret Garden

Have you heard about the secret garden before? In Kuwait? If not, then allow me to give u just a brief idea about it, but if you really want to find out more about it, then join us tomorrow. Well it’s located in Salmiya, Baghdad Street. Its actually called Baghdad Park as it’s a governmental public one, but MimiKuwait with a group of volunteers are renovating it. If you’ve been there months ago you would simply say it’s deserted and not even a garden as the trees are almost dying. So Mimi and her friends go there almost everyday and clean up, organize, compost and do some gardening.
Now if you really want to know more about it, you can simply join the gang every Saturday there in the garden, but bring your gloves as you will need them and you can also check them out on insta #thesecretgardenproject


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