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4 I O in Q8

I was having an open day yesterday at my home to sell our furniture, household items, kitchenware, silverware, etc… It was very weird. I had mixed feelings. This wasn’t my first time to organize an open day, but this time it was different, totally different, even though the whole procedure was the same.

We came to Kuwait twelve years ago while my daughter was still a baby. Both my children grew up here and even their teenage hardest stage was also witnessed here. All our good times as well as hard times were here. Kuwait to me and to my children is our second home town, we really love living here and I would do anything just to stay here and I’ve done it before, but this time it’s different. Everything is different, everything is strange and weird, I just don’t get it. However, there’s nothing to be done and we never know whats best for us. I just hope that my kids cope well with the changes and challenges ahead of us. 

Now that all the feelings are mixed up, I started thinking of my journey here and it was like a movie in front of my eyes. I started seeing all that happened to me during the past years, who I met, who I worked with, who were my real friends and who had a real impact on me and the image of four persons popped up in front of me. Yes there are four who I really owe deeply within my journey or stage or chapter in my life.

The first one is Mrs Soheir, my previous neighbour who was like a mother to me during my first four years in Kuwait. At that time I knew no one and didn’t know anything about the country or the people. She was of great help. She taught me everything, gave me a hand and was always there for me. I remember when my car was completely ruined after an accident, she gave me her car to use so that I can go to work everyday for two full weeks. Even though her car was like her third baby, yes she used to clean it herself and take good care of it, but she didn’t hesitate to lend it to me. Oh just remembering all that, it brought a smile to my sad face, oh I love that lady and I will truly miss her and her kindness. I hope she reads this one day. 

Second is my friend Mallika, or if I may say “Angel Mallika”. Oh God, how blessed I am to have known and met such an angel. A true kind person who thinks of others rather than herself, who is always giving and never expecting anything in return. I knew Mallika through work, she taught me a lot. Even though she was so strict at work and straight forward and only works works works and never wastes time or chit chat with others, but she was kind to me and helped me while working with her and even when I left work. She found me another job in just three days. She is a dear sincere friend and we were also neighbors living on the same street. Mallika never stopped surprising me with all the good deeds towards the community. She has a Big Loving Caring HEART. She always supported me and giving me the best advice even relating to my health and body and business. May God Bless you my friend. 

Third one I owe is my dearest friend Amal or I must say “sister” not just a friend. How on Earth can I describe this warm hearted person who stood beside me all the time. I never felt I’m a stranger here, not as an expatriate like the rest. Amal and all her family members starting with Ghadeer her sister and mine too, her mother, father, brothers, grandmother and aunts, they all treated me as one of them as well as my family too. They were there for me during bad times, really bad times (not to mention the bad experience). They helped me a lot to stand back on my feet. I stayed at their home for more than a month and I was not treated as a guest, it was my home and I was among my family. Amal did her best to fulfill my dream of coming back to Kuwait several years ago. She went out of her way and stood beside me regardless I was right or wrong. She bared my terrible mood sometimes and was always pushing me forward. Till now she is still standing beside me. Now I’m thinking what have I done for her and how can I pay her back! I simply love my two sisters Amal and Ghadeer and I can’t think of leaving them and I don’t wish to part. I am a normal, happy, lively, natural person when I am with them. I don’t have to show off or pretend or dress up, I simply be me in front of them. I hope we can see each other regularly offshore. This won’t be easy. 

Last but not least, the fourth person I owe is Mimi and her team. I don’t call myself a close friend to her but I really thank God that I had the chance to know such a personality and get to know her and work with her closely not just when I was a vendor at Shakshooka Market but also at the Secret Garden Project. Mimi simply changed my life, Really. I started looking to life with a different prospective. I got to know a lot about the food industry but not all who can cook is a chef. I could have gone to other food markets but without learning anything new and some of them don’t care about hygiene . Till now I’m learning from her and I wish to have my own garden at my hometown and maybe I can start an Egyptian Shakshooka or even collaborate together. I started a healthy diet now and I have a healthy menu for customers and all that’s because of Mimi. I have to admit that I always depended on my husband for cooking and that I didn’t like to cook, but now I love my kitchen and love searching for new healthy recipes over the net. I’m honored that she likes one of my treats. 

I simply love her way of thinking, her different concept, her initiatives as well as her warm heart. I wish I’d known her earlier. I will miss her and the whole team and of course the garden, my favorite getaway kinda place. We had so many beautiful mornings together with Mimi, her mother Alaa (Big Kind Sweet Heart and soul), the Grandmother, Lubna (another beautiful person I wished I’ve known earlier), Yusra with her adorable daughter, Dana and Waleed of course. I carry with me so many nice memories from the garden, memories that I won’t ever forget. 

Thank you all for all your love and caring. Thanks for being special people in my journey and I really owe you big time. Love you all.



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The Candles Restaurant

Yesterday my friends and I went to try this new restaurant everyone is talking about in the city nowadays. The name above is not the real name of the restaurant but it might give a hint. Well, I got to know that one of my favorite singers perform Live there every Tuesday and I really wanted to go and hear him sing and play and also check out this new place. So, I called the restaurant two days before we go and asked if we need to reserve in advance and they confrimed that no we can just show up there anytime.

We went at 7:30 pm and it was crowded and had to wait on the list. I didn’t mind at the begining as I thought it would be like everywhere else in the avenues (10 minutes or something). We stood outside literally in the street in the cold weather for nearly an hour. My friend’s husband got really upset and gave us all the bad looks we could get and I was determined to stay and wait. But when I noticed that a lot of ladies going inside without waiting like us, I had to stand up and see what’s going on. I asked the waiter and he said yes these are the celebrities and today is their day. I got upset as no one told us from the start that it was booked up. I knew they were bloggers and fashionistas but nevertheless, we waited for an hour and instead they could have been honest from the start. The place is so tiny but I didn’t even get the chance to see it from the inside. I didn’t want any problems with my friend and her hubby so we left and had dinner in another restaurant around the corner which turned out to be a nice experience unlike the other one.

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In only five days

I’m here in Cairo Egypt for a very short trip as mentioned before. What can I do in only five days? I can’t see all my family and friends. I came for my cousin’s wedding and now it’s time to see all whom I love and miss. First thing to do was going to Tarnim’s open day at the fifth district early Friday and passed by our new apartment there as well. I saw my parents at the wedding and ever since my mum became sick and can’t see her. I didn’t even get the chance to give her the makeup she asked for. I went to the club twice till now and saw some of my friends and tonight I’m meeting my school mates. We will even surprise our friend lulu with an early surprise birthday as I won’t be here to celebrate it after five days. As for tomorrow I am invited at Eman’s house for a small gathering with her sister and another friend who I didn’t see in ages. Oh I really miss our old day gatherings. However, A member of the family passed away last week and I have to go pay my condolences to his wife and children. I still need to go visit my aunt whom I didn’t get the chance to see last summer. Above all that, my kids have their outings too and I have to coordinate. My god, days run so quickly here and I didn’t accomplish all what was on the list.

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Going to Egypt

My cousin is getting married in Egypt in three weeks. I didn’t attend his engagement party as we weren’t there at that time, but now I have to attend the big day. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go. My children are coming with me too, but taking them with me is a bit worrying me as I wanted to spend time with my friends. They don’t have friends there unfortunately and I can’t just keep them at home; it’s their holiday as well. So I really have to make a list of places to visit for them as well. I really hope we all enjoy our holiday there. If it was a bit longer, I could have taken them to Luxor and Aswan, but it’s only five days. Whatever! We will make the best out of it inshallah.

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Brunch in the Secret Garden

So we had our first Brunch in the Secret Garden last Saturday. Mimi cooked Greek Eggs with fresh herbs that we planted in the garden. Yousra baked yummy cake that unluckily me didn’t have the chance to try this time as it was sold out quickly. Mo and I cooked our delicious Egyptian foul that also was sold out in no time and I prepared some of my vegan healthy bites as well as fresh juice. It was a lovely day and the weather was surprisingly amazing. The crowd was happy and having fun. Kids were enjoying the gardening procedure and the Kuwaiti TV was interviewing them. Lovely Saturday indeed with family and friends in the open air. Hope we do it again soon.





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Secretive People

I just don’t get it when people who are supposed to be so close to you and they simply keep secrets or in other words keep quiet until they accomplish something. I know that some people believe that it’s bad luck to reveal about something before it really happens, but come on guys this is not with close friends. Friends are supposed to share secrets, thoughts, ideas, projects and everything with each other. Or else, I won’t consider this as friendship. On the other hand, I’m an open book to all my friends and maybe to everyone who really knows me. Whatever I feel like saying or doing, I do it automatically without thinking. I always try to help my friends with whatever info I have as I’m always over the Net and obsessed with the media. I don’t want to go into details of what’s really bothering me, but it shows that a friend of mine kept something from me and I don’t quite like it and I hope she’s reading this.

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Eid Adha

So it’s Eid Adha after two days and we have nine days off. Wishing you all a happy Eid. I’m not traveling anywhere but my friend is visiting from Egypt and I’m so excited.


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