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Without a Car

Over a month ago,  my son was driving my car and had a terrible accident.  Of course I know that it is quite possible for a young man who just started driving to have an accident and I guess all beginners do,  but I never thought it would be that bad.  Thank God he is OK but my car is ruined.  It’s been five weeks now at the mechanics and they are still working and fixing it.  Not to mention the amount of money I paid till now and how my husband is pissed off,  but I’m the one who is suffering. I’m a prisoner at home and I can’t do both personal or work errands.  I’m jobless and I think that even whenever I get my car back I won’t have work anymore.  I was supposed to deliver my products last month to some markets and I didn’t.  No one will rely on my word again.  I feel awful and my husband can’t handle the kids outings and lessons.  He’s not used to driving back and forth like I do. He knows that I’m stuck and never offered to drive me to those markets to deliver my late orders.  On the contrary,  he stayed a lot at home this past month cause he was tired and exhausted.  We are both under stress.  I feel bad without a car and I’m too far from the markets and from my family as well.  I haven’t seen my parents for two months.  Now my Kuwaiti friend Adam is coming next week and I don’t know what am I going to do.  First I won’t be able to fetch her from the airport plus I won’t be able to see her everyday.  Oooof such a terrible feeling such a terrible situation.  Hope I get back my car this week. 


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Secretive People

I just don’t get it when people who are supposed to be so close to you and they simply keep secrets or in other words keep quiet until they accomplish something. I know that some people believe that it’s bad luck to reveal about something before it really happens, but come on guys this is not with close friends. Friends are supposed to share secrets, thoughts, ideas, projects and everything with each other. Or else, I won’t consider this as friendship. On the other hand, I’m an open book to all my friends and maybe to everyone who really knows me. Whatever I feel like saying or doing, I do it automatically without thinking. I always try to help my friends with whatever info I have as I’m always over the Net and obsessed with the media. I don’t want to go into details of what’s really bothering me, but it shows that a friend of mine kept something from me and I don’t quite like it and I hope she’s reading this.

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Law case by Zain

I had a terrible
day today. Went to renew my car license and finished all basic procedures such as paying insurance, fa7s fany, request violation fees and found nothing thank God, so I headed to finish my paper work and get the new license. Then came the shock; the lady on the counter said that I can’t renew the car and it will be withheld cause there’s a law case against me. What is she talking about? I said to myself. Had no idea what was that about? She didn’t tell me another word and didn’t explain anything so I went downstairs asking about that until I found a lady who told me that zain has filed a case against me and I had to go to court to settle it and pay the amount requested which was 60 KD. Strange enough, it wasn’t my phone number or I mustn’t say strange enough cause I’m certain that I paid all my bills up to date. What to do? Nothing! Zain has no answer except that this number is in my name, tayeb how come? The court doesn’t care, they just want to collect the money shown on their PC. The following step was going to be “banned from traveling” not just that but worse, it could reach prison as some people were sentenced because of that and because they didn’t know about it earlier unfortunately. I am considered lucky somehow as next month I was traveling and if I hadn’t paid that amount they would simply arrest me at the airport. Oh my God. I had no other option but to pay so I went to kuwait city to Justice house/court and paid and they told me to go to Hawally to get a release paper which I did then I was asked to go to Jabriya to document all that on the system. From 8 am till 1pm I was roaming from one governmental entity to another. It was hectic and unbelievable and I still have to go again tomorrow to do my license, hope it works out.

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Men and Women

We all know that the way of thinking and needs differ from one person to another, it also differs completely from men and women. Life will be much easier if men got to know how women think and vice versa. We don’t think the same way, God created us differently. So we don’t have to expect exactly what we want from our partner unless we sit together and try to fill in the gap between us and try to understand one another from their perspective. It’s not easy but it can be done if we really want the relationship to succeed. There is a well known book called Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Actually I didn’t get the chance to read that book yet but a friend of mine recommended it to me. It’s worth reading and I guess it will make us understand more and try to think in a different positive way. Good luck everybody with your partner, friend, colleague or boss.

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