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Shakshooka Market’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated the second birthday of Shakshooka Market at the Secret Garden. It was an event not to be missed. It was great to see more shakshookian members in the garden after some time.  Our customers and friends were surrounding and supporting us. Great weather, perfect musicians, delucious cake, happy faces, awesome food, excellent vibe, what else do anyone need to have fun? Perfecto indeed  



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Exams time

It’s this time of year when we all get stressed at home. The month of May is the month I worry about and I used to hate it cause my son always gave me trouble and I had to study with him but strange enough this year he’s doing great so far and I didn’t help him at all. I have no idea what he’s even studying, but the problem this year is my younger daughter. From an A student to a C and sometimes D, that’s horrifying. I will dedicate this coming two weeks to study with her and try to push her a little bit even though it’s too late, but I have to do it. My birthday is tomorrow but I don’t feel any joy and don’t even want to celebrate. A friend of mine wanted to celebrate with me but I thanked him and told him that I don’t have time to celebrate. Never mind, inshallah next year will be better and my daughter will pass this teen phase. Wish us good luck.

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Month of Birthdays

Yesterday was a night to remember. We celebrated Mel’s birthday party finally. It was awesome in all ways and by all means. We had a blast and she was really surprised from all the preparation and bringing all her friends (from east to west) together under one roof. Not to mention the fun games we had. We really laughed and enjoyed ourselves. We also got to meet new people who are amazing. We shared lots of pictures on our Whatsapp group but unfortunately can’t share them on Facebook or Instagram as some of the ladies are veiled and I’m one of them and we were freely dressed and hair down yesterday.
Speaking of birthdays, my son is turning 16 tomorrow and doesn’t want to celebrate. Oh, what to do? I really want to do something special for him this year but he won’t let me. Maybe I will wait till the weekend and surprise him with friends.

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