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SAT October

So this month is so busy. We kinda settled down a little bit here in our new home, but still the furniture shopping is one step at a time.

My son was studying for his SAT exam for a whole month and was taking private lessons in a centre on a daily basis. Imagine the poor guy coming back from school at 3:30 in tagamo3 and leaving in 10 min for his lesson which starts at 4:30 in Mohandesin and this went on everyday. Anyway, he took the exam and came out with a very bad experience saying that he doesn’t want to take it again. He didn’t do well and I’m not expecting a good score but I had to take it easy cause I know that he was under a huge pressure. He has another test but in Lebanon next month so I want him to feel more comfortable this time. Im giving him a break for a week and start again. Hope this coming one will be easier.



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I was trying a new recipe and in the middle of baking bug I wanted to take some photos while working to show the steps and how delicious it looks like. So, I called my daughter to help me but she  couldn’t stop laughing while video taping. Now Forget about her 😀 and concentrate on the choooocoooo. Wanted to post the video but I don’t know how to upload it here, however u can have a look on Instagram @mocucina


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Going to Egypt

My cousin is getting married in Egypt in three weeks. I didn’t attend his engagement party as we weren’t there at that time, but now I have to attend the big day. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go. My children are coming with me too, but taking them with me is a bit worrying me as I wanted to spend time with my friends. They don’t have friends there unfortunately and I can’t just keep them at home; it’s their holiday as well. So I really have to make a list of places to visit for them as well. I really hope we all enjoy our holiday there. If it was a bit longer, I could have taken them to Luxor and Aswan, but it’s only five days. Whatever! We will make the best out of it inshallah.

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Thinking Differently

My husband and son just arrived the day before yesterday from Kuwait. The same day the World Cup began. So the first night was spent watching TV for both of them at my mother in law’s home. Second day my son wanted to see his newly born cousin and so it was. Now as the third day he really wished to meet his one and only bestie in Egypt “Mahmoud” so I called his mom who’s my best friend here and she gave me several options. The problem is that we come here as visitors while all the people we know here are living their daily life and not like us as a big vacation. So Mahmoud was working like a summer job and was responsible for an activity by the pool at the club. Hussein didn’t want to see him while he’s working, he wanted to hang out with him. So the other alternative was to go watch the match together at night in a cafe and unfortunately Mohamed didn’t agree. This is something quite normal here and common but this is not what my man thinks. He has a different way of thinking. He still feels it’s not stable in Egypt or maybe they r still young to go out alone at night. I don’t know! Tried my best as my son was really desperate and wanted to go out with his friend, but no way. So, we all stayed at home today. Hope this will not be the case all summer.

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Exams time

It’s this time of year when we all get stressed at home. The month of May is the month I worry about and I used to hate it cause my son always gave me trouble and I had to study with him but strange enough this year he’s doing great so far and I didn’t help him at all. I have no idea what he’s even studying, but the problem this year is my younger daughter. From an A student to a C and sometimes D, that’s horrifying. I will dedicate this coming two weeks to study with her and try to push her a little bit even though it’s too late, but I have to do it. My birthday is tomorrow but I don’t feel any joy and don’t even want to celebrate. A friend of mine wanted to celebrate with me but I thanked him and told him that I don’t have time to celebrate. Never mind, inshallah next year will be better and my daughter will pass this teen phase. Wish us good luck.

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She’s not just a Teacher

I don’t know from where to start but my daughter had a problem this year at school and I might have mentioned it here before. She was felt neglected and left out all year. The girls in her class weren’t talking to her and never invited her over at their homes even they do these gatherings on a weekly basis. She used to come home crying from their behavior. So one day I decided to email her class teacher and tell her about this problem. She was very sincere and concerned and felt bad cause she loves mariam and says she’s a sweet girl. Anyway she tried talking to the girls once and I guess nothing happened ever since. This was last month. Two days ago I received a letter from school inviting my daughter to a girls party after school and it was signed by her teacher. I understood that she planned this to mix and mingle the girls and yes it was a great event. I appreciate what she’s done. It was an incredible idea and she came back home so happy. Ever since I received the letter I was so happy and loved the idea and the fact that she was really concerned and trying to solve this issue. She had really done more than any teacher would have done. I appreciate it and can’t thank her enough. Hope the other girls got the message and even if they didn’t, it’s enough that this teacher tried and tried with all her heart and mariam was so happy and had fun for the first time since quite a long time. Thank you teacher and May God bless you and fulfill your dreams. Hope you are reading this Ms Jennifer from KAS and even if you r not, I will sure write you a special letter.

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Evil Eye

What an evil eye! I was so happy at the beginning of the week and had so many things to do and to prepare, but guess what?! Someone envied me, yes. I have no other explanation other than that. To begin with, I received a phone call from the school nurse telling me that my daughter cracked her knee and that I need to take her to the hospital as she can’t walk. Not to go into details but this was the cause of canceling her dancing party which she was so excited about as well as me. Then on Thursday I had a maid to clean my house and while cleaning I found her fainted on the floor all of a sudden. She’s not my maid, I get her from one of the companies who send maids for 10 KD for 5 hours. However I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, I can’t take her to hospital and I can’t give her a medicine. So I called the company to send the driver to collect her and take her to hospital. After waiting for two hours, the driver showed up and I gave him a piece of my mind as he really pissed me. First for coming late with the excuse that he had to pick other girls first (not understanding that this was emergency), and as he also told me that he won’t take her to hospital. However, I was so angry that I gave him my back and left. Two days earlier I started a flu and I tried healing myself with vitamin c and strepsils but Thursday evening it really hit me hard. I woke up Friday morning with no voice at all and terrible pain plus drowsiness and exhaustion. It was a terrible day so I started antibiotic. Today I can’t breathe, talk or swallow. So I had a terrible weekend and it’s still going on. I was supposed to go out with my friend tomorrow morning but I guess I can’t. Hope I’m better the day after as I’m invited for breakfast 😀

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