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Lost my fluffy

I had a great evening with my friends at our chalet last night. The food was delicious to the extent that dina took a photo and sent it to our group on Whatsapp and kept on talking about the yummy keshk all night. Then all of a sudden we discovered that our cat fluffy is missing. I told the kids to search for it as I have my friends, but they said that the light in the street was off and couldn’t see in the dark. I thought that fluffy would come back by himself as he did before but from 9pm till now 5 am he didn’t show. As soon as my friends left, I grabbed the car key and went for a ride to search for him. I drove all the streets of the compound but without success. Parked the car and took a torch battery along with my son and daughter and walked through the pavements as well. I did that for several times. I didn’t sleep and kept crying and prayed that I find him. I lost hope but I have faith and will keep on searching. I posted his photo on insta and Facebook and on our compound’s page. I also reported him missing at the security and the management. Wish me good luck to find him. He must be terrified and hungry. I miss him and want to hold him.


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Law case by Zain

I had a terrible
day today. Went to renew my car license and finished all basic procedures such as paying insurance, fa7s fany, request violation fees and found nothing thank God, so I headed to finish my paper work and get the new license. Then came the shock; the lady on the counter said that I can’t renew the car and it will be withheld cause there’s a law case against me. What is she talking about? I said to myself. Had no idea what was that about? She didn’t tell me another word and didn’t explain anything so I went downstairs asking about that until I found a lady who told me that zain has filed a case against me and I had to go to court to settle it and pay the amount requested which was 60 KD. Strange enough, it wasn’t my phone number or I mustn’t say strange enough cause I’m certain that I paid all my bills up to date. What to do? Nothing! Zain has no answer except that this number is in my name, tayeb how come? The court doesn’t care, they just want to collect the money shown on their PC. The following step was going to be “banned from traveling” not just that but worse, it could reach prison as some people were sentenced because of that and because they didn’t know about it earlier unfortunately. I am considered lucky somehow as next month I was traveling and if I hadn’t paid that amount they would simply arrest me at the airport. Oh my God. I had no other option but to pay so I went to kuwait city to Justice house/court and paid and they told me to go to Hawally to get a release paper which I did then I was asked to go to Jabriya to document all that on the system. From 8 am till 1pm I was roaming from one governmental entity to another. It was hectic and unbelievable and I still have to go again tomorrow to do my license, hope it works out.

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Full week

I was having a blast last week with several birthdays and outings with friends. Now I found out that this week is a very exhausting one. I forgot to tell you that we celebrated my son’s birthday on Thursday and invited his friends as well as some of my friends too. However, I was talking with one of his close friends and found out that he has 3 quizzes and two essays for this week plus an exam. While talking with his friend, my daughter remembered that she has an essay too and a test. Oh my god! No time to rest at all this week. I cancelled my walk with my friend yesterday and I think I will have to cancel today’s also. Oh yes and some good news, I finally started a diet. It’s a weird one though but I will keep you posted after a few days when I see some results. Wish me luck.

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Nov 19

Today is Nov 19, we were supposed to celebrate Mel’s birthday and we organized a dancing party for ladies only. All our preparation, food, DJ, friends and the Cake were ready. But however unfortunately and terrible enough, the weather changed all this. We had a storm, heavy rain, strange thunder and frightening lightening. Some areas flooded completely while other places you couldn’t enter with your cars, not to mention two people died also. It was a disaster not just a simple rainy day. However the rain came and went several times. Wasn’t non stop. So, we couldn’t predict how it would be at night and just decided to cancel the party and postpone it till Saturday.
On the other hand and weird enough, I sold my car today in the midst of all this. Was so quick and easy. What a Day.

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Celebrating and then

Two days ago we had dinner at Burj Al Hamam on the Arabian Gulf Road to celebrate two weddings, a Master’s Degree obtained and a birthday. My friends and my family met there and had a wonderful evening full of laughs and exchanged gifts together. Not to mention the food of course, it was lovely and the view itself was fantastic. We were in the middle of the sea and our friends loved the place.
I woke up next morning (yesterday) and I laid down on the couch with my cup of tea and chocolate cake as a breakfast and then I got a call from Mellissa telling me that she has received a bazaar call from probably the thief who stole her purse last week. He told her that he has her flash memory with him and that he saw there were important stuff she might need for work and asked to meet him. Well I was a bit shocked but didn’t show that to Mel not to frighten her. Anyway we decided to meet him at the police station cause we didn’t know whether he is the criminal himself or an innocent guy who just found it in the street as mentioned. My husband came with us and when we reached there, Melissa and I stayed in the car cause the windows were tinted and he couldn’t see us. Mohamed went inside to report all this and see what to be done. Meanwhile, the man text Mel saying that he will leave. I guess he knew that we are the ones in that car and got a bit worried when my hubby went inside the station and Melissa didn’t come out of the car. However, Melissa kept texting him back and forth until Mohamed and two officers headed to the man’s car. He stepped out with them and went inside and we followed them. The officers saw his ID and listened to what he said and then told us that we should thank him as he was sincere enough to come to the station and handle something he found. That was it, we took the drive and headed home. Melissa didn’t want to go back to her apartment all alone as he might have tracked her address so she came with us and stayed for half an hour and accompanied us to the hair salon as my daughter had an appointment at Centro Bellezza salon in salmiya. It was fun and we both took an appointment for hair treatment with caviar on Thursday. Then I dropped her near her home and we headed back home. This was our adventure for the day.

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This week

Well, this week was full of events. It started with my moving out of the apartment I was renting the past year to our home in Salwa. In the beginning I had a small problem with the owner as he wanted me to pay a full month but after bringing a good wasta it was ok but then he wanted me to paint the apartment before I leave. However, do you imagine how hectic it was to pack and move and paint in one day only? I had my friends with me (Melissa, Amal, Ghadeer, Driss, Sultan, my kids and husband of course). Everyone helped in a way and we kept on going and coming with bags, boxes, furniture, utensils, misc stuff all the way from Salmiya to Salwa for a couple of times. From 10 am in the morning and until 6 pm. After that we were all hungry so we went to Chilis Al Bidea. Later that night we were invited to a Lebanese wedding in Sheraton, my husband and I were really exhausted but we went and had fun. The following day I started to unpack but I felt that my back can’t make it so I just relaxed for a few hours then I got to know from Facebook that Melissa had a terrible incident. Someone broke her car window and stole her purse, wallet, money, jewellery, Versace sunglasses, iphone, international driving license and much more. I know that she wasn’t supposed to leave her purse in the car, but she was jet skiing and couldn’t take it with her in the middle of the sea. Anyway, I couldn’t reach her but inboxed her. She also didn’t have any of our phone numbers to call us. Poor Mel, she had to go to the police station and stay there for four hours that day. Next day I passed by her and went again to the police station and then to Palace of Justice to investigate and issue a report. Then we headed to Wataniya to get another SIM card for her number. Following day we went to NBK to receive another ATM card as she cancelled the old one on the spot. As for yesterday, I took my cat to the vet and he was operated. The procedure took two hours. Meanwhile I took the kids to buy the school uniform. Then finally I went to the Saloon to pamper myself. As for today, we are having Mohamed’s friends for Iftar at 6 pm as they are fasting and tomorrow inshallah we r going out with my friends to celebrate two weddings, a Master’s degree and a birthday all together.

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