Growing Business

I’m not sure when was the last time to post here but it’s been ages. I even forgot that I used to blog, don’t misjudge me but this is not the only thing that I forgot about or to be precise I need to replace the word “forgot” it’s just that I’ve been too busy lately and I dropped a lot of my old habits. It’s not that I like dropping them but it’s because I have no time literally. I sleep only 4 hours a day maximum 5 if I have the chance. My kids tell me that I’m devoted to my new business more than anything else. Well it all started all of a sudden. Some of you know that I was running a small home business foe healthy treats. Guess what? My business has turned up to another level and I’m catering Now. I’m doing homemade meals and now that we r in Ramadan it’s nonstop mash Allah. I just felt that I owe my readers an explanation why I’m not here anymore and I promise that I will show up whenever I can. Wish me more luck and success. Thank you in advance and if you are in Egypt, try my meals 😊 @mocucina


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