Without a Car

Over a month ago,  my son was driving my car and had a terrible accident.  Of course I know that it is quite possible for a young man who just started driving to have an accident and I guess all beginners do,  but I never thought it would be that bad.  Thank God he is OK but my car is ruined.  It’s been five weeks now at the mechanics and they are still working and fixing it.  Not to mention the amount of money I paid till now and how my husband is pissed off,  but I’m the one who is suffering. I’m a prisoner at home and I can’t do both personal or work errands.  I’m jobless and I think that even whenever I get my car back I won’t have work anymore.  I was supposed to deliver my products last month to some markets and I didn’t.  No one will rely on my word again.  I feel awful and my husband can’t handle the kids outings and lessons.  He’s not used to driving back and forth like I do. He knows that I’m stuck and never offered to drive me to those markets to deliver my late orders.  On the contrary,  he stayed a lot at home this past month cause he was tired and exhausted.  We are both under stress.  I feel bad without a car and I’m too far from the markets and from my family as well.  I haven’t seen my parents for two months.  Now my Kuwaiti friend Adam is coming next week and I don’t know what am I going to do.  First I won’t be able to fetch her from the airport plus I won’t be able to see her everyday.  Oooof such a terrible feeling such a terrible situation.  Hope I get back my car this week. 


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