AUC Farmers’ Market

Today i had the Worst experience ever. I was one of the first vendors to book a booth in this farmers market event and I was checking by email if anything needed before the event and their reply was “you are good” and nothing needed. Today I went to Gate 3 of the AUC and entered and they didnt have my name on their vendors list and asked me to wait. I waited and waited and then called Tina (one of the organizers) and she promised to call the security. I waited for another half an hour then called her again and she said im still calling security. I then emailed Zander (the main organizer) and got no reply. A guy showed up to apologize and said that its a matter of time and then they will eventually let me in. I waited another half an hour with no hope. Finally the security guy came close to my car and i thought he will tell me that i can pass and to my astonishment, he tells me I have to ask you to go out from the other gate and wait outside in the street. What???! That’s it. This is not professional at all and Not Acceptable. Then I called Tina and she said that there’s an issue and she’s at I dont know who’s office to solve it. I dont care. I got really upset and left and she texted me saying that they didnt approve my food items as they are homemade. I dont want to say a bad word here but Dont you know from the beginning that I am a home based business???

I left frustrated and was thinking of all this humiliation and of my food that will be thrown away. I put too much effort, work, money into it. I spent several days working, cooking, purchasing certain stuff for this event but in vain.

I got back home and wrote on their wall hoping they would reply back with an apology or anything to relieve my anger, but nothing. I received their appology at night after they finished their successful event and their reply was quite normal. The Organizers ofcourse blamed the university and i had no direct contact with anyone there so i will get nothing for what ive gone through today. Hopefuly they read this as i will rotate it everywhere and let everyone knows how the security guys in the AUC treat the vendors unpolitely and disrespectively. Please reblog this or share and help me spread the word.

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