SAT October

So this month is so busy. We kinda settled down a little bit here in our new home, but still the furniture shopping is one step at a time.

My son was studying for his SAT exam for a whole month and was taking private lessons in a centre on a daily basis. Imagine the poor guy coming back from school at 3:30 in tagamo3 and leaving in 10 min for his lesson which starts at 4:30 in Mohandesin and this went on everyday. Anyway, he took the exam and came out with a very bad experience saying that he doesn’t want to take it again. He didn’t do well and I’m not expecting a good score but I had to take it easy cause I know that he was under a huge pressure. He has another test but in Lebanon next month so I want him to feel more comfortable this time. Im giving him a break for a week and start again. Hope this coming one will be easier.



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2 responses to “SAT October

  1. Coming from a teenager studying for the SAT herself, I completely understand this feeling. Good luck! I think it’s lovely that you’re from Egypt as well, it’s quite interesting.


    I dare you to visit and decipher the beautiful canvas you see before you.

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