Freedom Vs…..

Looking around me everywhere either here in Kuwait or in Egypt and I guess everywhere else, I see people with different thoughts and beliefs. Some are so modern from the outside but very old fashioned in their minds. Why can’t we be moderate? 

For example, I have two friends of my age and they are both well educated and come from good families. One of them is only thinking of getting her daughter married at the age of 20 while the other is encouraging her daughter to fulfill her singing career. I’m not against either of them but I was just wondering if the young girl gets married now will she be really happy forever? I think that her freedom is taken away from her too early. I know that it might work oppositely and that she might chose the man of her dreams and live happily but what I mean is that marriage is a big responsibility, not just a honeymoon. 

Another different subject concerning freedom as well, a friend went to Tanzania recently and came back with loads of pictures of the animals who were freely moving around and ironically went to the zoo here days after coming back and also posted pics of the animals in the zoo here. I was like; how harsh we are towards these animals who are behind the bars or cages. They can’t run, they are literally prisoned. 

Last but not least, the young girls who wear hijab at the age of 9, what do u call that???? I was at hospital with my 12 years old daughter and went in the elevator after we finished and a man came in after us and started talking to me and my daughter that she must wear a hijab. Honestly I just told him inshallah. I didn’t want to argue with him as I know the mentality. I’m not against hijab and I’m wearing it myself but I chose to and no one forced me and I was old enough and mature. 

Where is our freedom people? Just some thoughts of the day. 


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