The New Spring Bazaar

First of all and before I begin telling you what happened let me mention that I won’t say names even though  I’m pissed off. 

Well, to begin with, I participated at the spring bazaar which was two days ago. I was so excited about it and had big hopes as I always visited this bazaar for the last four years and my friends used to participate there and said that their profit was big. When I used to go to visit my friends in the past times, I couldn’t even walk through to reach their tables from the enormous crowd. However, my husband and I started preparing for it and went out of our regular way and purchased a lot of things that we usually don’t use in our other brunches and farmers market. I kept telling him that this bazaar is different and big. So we ordered a roll up at a professional marketing center (not to mention the price as it costs like more than double the ones from print shops) and bought special utensils and equipments besides our food and ingredients. We cooked for three days without sleep as we had to have a big quantity as it’s a Full Day event. Finally it was Friday and we went to set up at dawn as I didn’t want to go late in the morning and be in a hurry and stressed. At 10 am we were ready for the visitors and ready for the Ambassador who was supposed to come for the opening who didn’t show up at all. However people started to show up but like in small amount of people to count on your fingers. We waited and said maybe they will show up after Noon Prayers. Kept on waiting and waiting and waiting. If I tell you that the number didn’t even reach 100 what would you say about the organizer? Not to mention other stupid mistakes like letting the visitors go inside at the back area of the vendors and let them enjoy our buffet and drinks for free. I talked with him and asked him how come there is no show up of visitors and where are the thousands that we were used to see Everytime and his answer was a shock. He said it’s not his mistake and kept asking me where are my followers and the other vendors followers. Oh my God, he was depending on us to publicize. I told him that the reason why I came here was to see new people and get new customers but it was useless talking to him. For us it was a disaster especially that we were selling food and all the vendors ate from the free buffet of course but other vendors started buying from each other. 

To conclude the story or to tell u the reason of all this is simply because people used to go when it was organized by an American lady who was popular and known and had her expat community but this guy couldn’t handle it unfortunately and I won’t participate again with him never even if it was for free. The only good thing that happened was meeting @musaed_1980 who tried my vegan healthy treats and loved them. 


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