Today at Taste of Kuwait

As some of u know that I received a free ticket to the taste of kuwait food festival where international chefs were there and cooking live in front of the crowd. I wanted to get another ticket for my husband to attend with me but tickets are really expensive so I asked Tamara if she still has tickets that anybody didn’t come to collect (the winners I mean) but she said that she doesn’t have. But the best thing she told me that it doesn’t really matter to have another VIP ticket and that I can simply buy a normal one and she would help us to go and meet the chefs. I gave it a shot and we went there and honestly I believe that VIP tickets don’t deserve the amount paid for at allllll. However, it was a big event and the chefs were there and we saw them and took pictures with them too. As for Tamara or Tee as most people know her from her radio show “breakfast with tee and Aki”, I can’t really describe how sweet she is. I don’t really know her and it was the first time to see her (regardless that I listen to her show daily) but she was so helpful, sincere and wanted to help by all means. I’m so happy and honored to meet her and that’s  what I gained from today’s event.


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