Bad flu

Yesterday the weather was terrible and dusty, I had to go out and finish my errands and buy some ingredients as I have a cookout on Saturday at the garden. I guess it was a wrong decision to go out yesterday and I should have waited till today, however what happened just happened and I felt a bit tired at night with a soar throat. I only thought it was because is the dust and I could heal it with hot drinks. But I was wrong and woke up this morning not feeling well but also had to go out as I had a photography class. I really really should have rested at home. I still have a big day tomorrow and I’m not even ready. Now I’m worse than yesterday and u have blocked nose, soar throat and some coughing and I guess high fever. Started antibiotic but I don’t think that I will be ok over night. So tired and feeling exhausted that I can’t work or cook. Hope things get better by the morning; just wishful thinking. Good Night


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