Leen Perfume

This is a custom made perfume “dedicated to soulful strength of all women. Made in Kuwait for Kuwait. All profits donated to Al Sidra Centre for women cancer patients.” These are the exact words of the woman behind this thoughtful cause. It’s Mallika Kaul, the one of a kind lady who is dedicating her time and money to help others without return; literally without return other than the real benefit of others. Unlike other charitable entities or people who consider themselves as voluntary people, Mallika doesn’t want publicity nor aims to be in the news but rather wants to fulfill her dream. She had this idea of doing a perfume for cancer patients that will help them calm and relax. So she agreed with two Kuwaiti brothers who work in the perfume business to do such a thing and she’s funding it from her savings and will have a launch this Saturday February 7th 2015 at #qoutmarket and all the profit will go to AlSidra (mentioned up). Please spread the word if you or your family/friends are from Kuwait. I know all this because she’s my friend and not because she wants me to advertise or mention her name. I swear she has no idea of this post. God bless you my friend.



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2 responses to “Leen Perfume

  1. christine

    how can we contact her ?

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