Vegan and Paleo

There are lots of new kinds of diet that I wasn’t aware of till a few months ago; one of them is Vegan and another is Paleo. I don’t mean diet like for losing weight, but it’s some kinds of food that people who follow this diet eat. However I tried to understand more about them since last summer and I found out more when I attended a vegan group gathering. Whether I believe in it or not, is not the issue here because everyone can do what makes him happy and comfortable. Vegan people don’t eat meat, dairy products and anything that comes from animals. Some do this for their health and some follow it ethically for the sake of animals. As for paleo they follow the cavemen diet. As for me, I tried being vegan for sometime after seeing my friend who has some health problems getting much better by turning into vegan. I started by omitting dairy and made my own almond milk plus other vegan treats. I couldn’t be a good vegan but at least I try not to eat lots of dairy or fats. Now I started a healthy menu for these diets and people are liking it.


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