Imitation but in another name

I hate people who imitate and not just imitate but give it another name and think they are the first to do it “whatever it is they’re doing”. For example yesterday I read all over the net/media (Instagram) about the cafe in Bahrain who copied a desert made by a Kuwaiti chef and put it on their menu as if it’s one of their invented dishes. Oh my God, why??? I myself saw this dish made by the kuwaiti chef (nour) in one of the farmers market here a month ago. Anyway, a lot of the bloggers stood up with her yesterday and faced this other cafe with the truth, let’s see if they will answer back or even try to defend themselves. Another blind imitation was done over this weekend when one of the farmers market imitated another by doing a brunch in a farm as to feed people from the ground to their tables. Isn’t it the same as the brunches done in one of the gardens in salmiya? I’m not mentioning names here but it’s quite obvious and people will know who’s idea was it first! Even though they have added some other new ideas like transportation and catering company which was nice of course but not going well with the farm theme at all. Stop imitating people and get your own ideas from scratch.


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