In only five days

I’m here in Cairo Egypt for a very short trip as mentioned before. What can I do in only five days? I can’t see all my family and friends. I came for my cousin’s wedding and now it’s time to see all whom I love and miss. First thing to do was going to Tarnim’s open day at the fifth district early Friday and passed by our new apartment there as well. I saw my parents at the wedding and ever since my mum became sick and can’t see her. I didn’t even get the chance to give her the makeup she asked for. I went to the club twice till now and saw some of my friends and tonight I’m meeting my school mates. We will even surprise our friend lulu with an early surprise birthday as I won’t be here to celebrate it after five days. As for tomorrow I am invited at Eman’s house for a small gathering with her sister and another friend who I didn’t see in ages. Oh I really miss our old day gatherings. However, A member of the family passed away last week and I have to go pay my condolences to his wife and children. I still need to go visit my aunt whom I didn’t get the chance to see last summer. Above all that, my kids have their outings too and I have to coordinate. My god, days run so quickly here and I didn’t accomplish all what was on the list.


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