Not a good way to start a weekend

I had a fight with my hubby this morning. Not to mention the reason but all I can say is that he is overloaded. I know that he is not happy or comfortable at work. He started a new job just three months ago with a nice title and a very good salary. But he is not happy! He comes late everyday exhausted and tired that he just has his lunch and sleeps
on the couch. There is no social life whatsoever. He doesn’t want to talk, he doesn’t want to go out and he is always miserable. I try to take him out of the mood, but it’s very hard. He wants to quit his job and just go back to Egypt. This morning he notified me that if he doesn’t find another job soon, then it’s a matter of months and he will be leaving Kuwait. I don’t know what to do and this conversation ruined my day and I hope he doesn’t jump into bad decisions or do anything while he’s in that terrible mood. Hope things get better and real soon. Wish us luck.


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