Secretive People

I just don’t get it when people who are supposed to be so close to you and they simply keep secrets or in other words keep quiet until they accomplish something. I know that some people believe that it’s bad luck to reveal about something before it really happens, but come on guys this is not with close friends. Friends are supposed to share secrets, thoughts, ideas, projects and everything with each other. Or else, I won’t consider this as friendship. On the other hand, I’m an open book to all my friends and maybe to everyone who really knows me. Whatever I feel like saying or doing, I do it automatically without thinking. I always try to help my friends with whatever info I have as I’m always over the Net and obsessed with the media. I don’t want to go into details of what’s really bothering me, but it shows that a friend of mine kept something from me and I don’t quite like it and I hope she’s reading this.


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