Shakshooka Pizza

Last week I found a recipe for shakshooka pizza and I was so thrilled as I participate in shakshooka market. The name shakshooka is a known dish in Egypt as well as in other Arab countries. But I never thought there was a pizza for it, so the name and theme was thrilling. I decided to try it and see if it’s good for the next market. Oh it turned out to be perfect with the regular flour dough. But I suddenly thought of trying it with a healthier version so I did the dough with quinoa flour instead. Well, it wasn’t as good of course as the original taste, but not bad at all for the ones who want to eat pizza guilt-free. I’m happy with the outcome and inshallah it will be a hit.



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2 responses to “Shakshooka Pizza

  1. Curious to see a photo of this. I’ve been making pizza at home regularly for about six months. Been using 50% whole wheat and 50% Caputo “00” Flour. Works almost as well as all purpose\strong flour. Check it out and let me know what you think.
    Great pizza at home.
    longer method on Making Perfect Pizza


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