Kuwait Upto Date

I’ve been following Kuwait Upto Date on Facebook and on Instagram for quite a long time now and I really like all the news and events they are posting. However I went through their website by chance last week and I thought of placing an ad for @mocucina (artisan homemade food business). I got a reply from them that this will be considered a commercial ad and not a personal one, so out of curiosity I asked them how much is a paid ad and I was shocked from the cheap price). I didn’t hesitate and I paid the amount via GoTap as I already have an account there and the ad was published the following day. What a good service at a very reasonable price and awesome outcome as well. Yes as I got two orders since that ad was published. I’m so happy and glad that I took that step. You know why I should have been hesitant a bit? Well cause I contacted several bloggers who place ads on their insta account, but unfortunately without any good result. Some bloggers take money to place the ad and some request a gift, but I have to say that others refuse to take anything and don’t post 😀. So, thank you Kuwait UptoDate.



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