Another review

Yesterday we went to have lunch at the Grove. I heard about it from a friend so I told my husband and kids lets go check it out.
First impression was that they are imitating Lavicka’s atmosphere and decoration starting from the bicycle outside and till the garden like place. We went inside and waited for sometime until someone came to us and we asked for the menu. When the waitress gave us the menu I was shocked as it was only one page and on a piece of paper which was washed away and nearly torn. I read it and it was only pizzas and drinks. What’s that??? Then I called another waiter who told me oh sorry I’ll bring you the other page. Then came the other one which was appetizers and sandwiches and salads. Well it’s ok if it’s only a cafe and they don’t serve main dishes but wait until I tell u the rest. We decided on what we’re having and placed our orders. Then after a few minutes came the waitress to tell me that my salad has finished and unfortunately I couldn’t order anything else as I started a diet finally, so I changed my order and took a simple rocca salad. The only thing that I enjoyed was the orange juice as it was fresh and cold. Then my salad came and my kids orders and my husband waited for his. I kept waiting too as I didn’t want to finish before his dish arrives. He even asked for water and it didn’t come. I teased him and told him they don’t like you even though he helped them out with a spelling mistake on their board. We waited a little longer and then I called the waitress who said oh yes it’s coming. He started eating pizza with my daughter and we all ate cause we were hungry and his dish didn’t come yet and we finished. We were going to ask for the check and cancel his order and then we found his club sandwich. He was already full from the pizza and started to taste it but didn’t even like it. He said it was less than normal and any kid can simply put together all the ingredients into a sand like this. We were about to leave and they wanted us to fill out a survey which we refused of course as it would have been a negative one. Anyway we tried a new place but weren’t
impressed at all from the service and the food.


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