Lavicka Cafe

I know I wrote a review about Lavicka Cafe before, the one in Burj Jassem but this time it’s not a review about the regular daily menu. Oh no, it’s about their special preparation and organization for a special Birthday Party.

We surprised our friend Mai and celebrated her belated birthday there. The owner of the cafe was so nice and took care of the event from A to Z. The variety of canapés, savory, mini sandwiches, small tarts and chocolates were more than delicious and not to mention the presentation itself of course. Everything was presented in elegant sophisticated trays and stands from Tabletop which is also located in Burj Jassem. The flowers were placed in lovely colorful vases. Then the custom-made cake was just amazing and beyond expectations. All this and I haven’t told you yet that the cafe isn’t just a normal one surrounded by four walls, but it’s rather like a hanging garden with real trees and plants. We had such a great time and I truly recommend all our friends to have their parties there and they also cater outside and do showers and receptions. Thank you Lavicka for a great night.






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