The holiday is ending

It’s my last day in Cairo and I’m traveling back to Kuwait tomorrow inshallah. I know that our timing was not that good this time, as everybody is in sa7el (north coast) and staying till end of August. Next year I will plan to stay till the end of August too. But I have to say that I really enjoyed my holiday and i had much fun this year than last year. I met all my friends and schoolmates and we had plenty of gatherings unlike the previous years. I saw so many old friends who I didn’t see for more than twenty years and all the memories came back to us. We not just met in a regular place like a cafe or restaurants but in the ladies beach so we really had fun. I will miss you all again for another year, but till we meet again next summer my lovely and dear friends.
Now that I’m full of joy and positive energy, I am ready for another school year and I’m already missing my friends in Kuwait. Wait for me I’m coming tomorrow. Let’s have two weeks of extra fun before school starts.


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