I don’t want a maid anymore

Three days ago my friend Hanaa called me and said that her maid brought her daughter to work so I went and took her. First thing I did before even taking her to our chalet was go buy her a proper bed instead of letting her sleep on a thin mattress on the floor like all the other maids here (including her mother and aunt). Then I took her to a shop and bought her a dress and shampoo and deodorant so that she doesn’t look at my stuff or my daughters from one side and the other not to smell. She asked for a prepaid card for her mobile and I bought it.
I also told her to feel at home and to open the fridge and eat and drink what she wants and also told her to go sit in the garden whenever she feels like it. The strange thing is she never say thank you or smile. She’s grumpy all the time. I had some friends over for lunch yesterday so I told her that we have work to do today; cleaning and helping in the kitchen. I do the cooking of course and I just wanted her to help with the dishes and some vegetable cutting. First thing she said that she doesn’t like onions and won’t do it and I agreed unhappily. I promised her that I will buy her an Islamic swimming wear and will take her to the beach the following day. She slept at 11:30 pm and didn’t wake until 11:30 am so I told her to wake up. I only slept 6 hours and I’m on vacation. She woke up with that attitude that how come I wake her up, then I told her to have breakfast and she said she’s not hungry. I asked her to clean up after yesterday’s party and she started with cleaning the glasses but unfortunately my husband caught her washing then with only water and not soap. So he went and smelled them and told her that they smell bad. Ever since he told her that she became mad and sad and lazy. She didn’t want to eat also and she went into her room and watched TV. I let her stay there for an hour and then told her to have breakfast and she said that she doesn’t feel like eating so I told her to go finish cleaning. She worked a little and then went outside and talked over her mobile for an hour or maybe more. I overheard her saying that she can’t take it and that she is thinking of running away after a few days. What do I do? Keep her for a few days and make use of her or take her back to her mother now???


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