Maids in Egypt

Ever since I arrived here in Egypt I’ve been searching for a maid to stay with me during our summer vacation. I know that it’s not that easy to find a good one but didn’t know that it’s hard to find one at all. First month passed with no luck and I was in Cairo and didn’t really bother but when I came here to the north coast I’m really tired and exhausted and desperately in need. I spend my day cleaning, cooking, tidying, washing dishes, laundry and cleaning bathrooms instead of just chilling or relaxing. Who says that staying in our beach house means working that much. I searched through many agents and cleaning service companies. Some don’t want to work during Ramadan and some don’t want to come to north coast and some are on vacation. I even agreed on their overpriced salaries plus commission and still can’t find one. My God, what’s that? Last week, I was searching over Facebook and found a page for maids and I contacted one of the housekeepers and after talking about everything and agreed on the salary and duties, it turned out to be a male servant and an incorrect one too. My luck!! I said no as I need privacy at home and then after spending a few days I decided to agree and thought of making him sleep outside not indoors but unfortunately he couldn’t make it as he got another job. Now I’m waiting for an answer from another agent, I really hope the answer is yes, even though the remaining time is not that long but I want to rest for a while and enjoy at least two weeks.


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