Lost my fluffy

I had a great evening with my friends at our chalet last night. The food was delicious to the extent that dina took a photo and sent it to our group on Whatsapp and kept on talking about the yummy keshk all night. Then all of a sudden we discovered that our cat fluffy is missing. I told the kids to search for it as I have my friends, but they said that the light in the street was off and couldn’t see in the dark. I thought that fluffy would come back by himself as he did before but from 9pm till now 5 am he didn’t show. As soon as my friends left, I grabbed the car key and went for a ride to search for him. I drove all the streets of the compound but without success. Parked the car and took a torch battery along with my son and daughter and walked through the pavements as well. I did that for several times. I didn’t sleep and kept crying and prayed that I find him. I lost hope but I have faith and will keep on searching. I posted his photo on insta and Facebook and on our compound’s page. I also reported him missing at the security and the management. Wish me good luck to find him. He must be terrified and hungry. I miss him and want to hold him.


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