Vacation with my friends

I’ve been posting a lot about my friends in Kuwait and now they are here with me in Egypt for a short visit. Melissa came to Cairo last week and I took her to the must-see places such as the pyramids, Cairo tower, Egyptian museum, Nile cafés, khan al khalili in addition to other places. Then came Amal and followed by Ghadeer. We all attended my nephew’s baby shower on a boat. It was so much fun. Following day we went to the North Coast and we’re still there. I can hardly get Melissa out of the sun and beach. She can stay all day to get tanned. Today we went to la femme beach which is only for ladies. We all got tanned and danced and enjoyed the day. We just got back from Porto Marina and had dinner at Chilis and took a quick tour around. You know what? We found a new service company called taxi al sa7el. You never find taxis there if you know the north coast. So, today I found it and tried it for the first time and I totally believe it’s a brilliant idea. Well, we still have one more day here and then off to cairo from where Mel will go back to kuwait. Amal and Ghadeer are leaving tomorrow but will come back after Ramadan inshallah. What a great holiday.


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