Thinking Differently

My husband and son just arrived the day before yesterday from Kuwait. The same day the World Cup began. So the first night was spent watching TV for both of them at my mother in law’s home. Second day my son wanted to see his newly born cousin and so it was. Now as the third day he really wished to meet his one and only bestie in Egypt “Mahmoud” so I called his mom who’s my best friend here and she gave me several options. The problem is that we come here as visitors while all the people we know here are living their daily life and not like us as a big vacation. So Mahmoud was working like a summer job and was responsible for an activity by the pool at the club. Hussein didn’t want to see him while he’s working, he wanted to hang out with him. So the other alternative was to go watch the match together at night in a cafe and unfortunately Mohamed didn’t agree. This is something quite normal here and common but this is not what my man thinks. He has a different way of thinking. He still feels it’s not stable in Egypt or maybe they r still young to go out alone at night. I don’t know! Tried my best as my son was really desperate and wanted to go out with his friend, but no way. So, we all stayed at home today. Hope this will not be the case all summer.


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