Two new items on the menu

Every now and then I try to add a new item to our menu of @mocucina. This last week I added two new items which are a success. I’m so proud of myself and happy with the outcome. I bake pita bread fresh and hot from our oven. I didn’t know that I had the ability to bake bread and turns out to be good as well. Actually I’m thinking of using it at our coming #shakshookamarket this Saturday as a sandwich for our Foul Mo. I will bake it in front of the crowd and they will see it coming out from the oven fresh and hot. My other item is a healthy yet quite a yummy smoothie. It’s banana with organic dark cocoa and almond milk and dates. Lovely combination with guilt free as it is sugar-free and dairyfree. How satisfied I am from these two delicious items, can’t wait to see my customers enjoying them. Please join us on Saturday at Bayt Lothan from sunset till 10pm. Lovely evening with live entertainment, good food and best friends.


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