She’s not just a Teacher

I don’t know from where to start but my daughter had a problem this year at school and I might have mentioned it here before. She was felt neglected and left out all year. The girls in her class weren’t talking to her and never invited her over at their homes even they do these gatherings on a weekly basis. She used to come home crying from their behavior. So one day I decided to email her class teacher and tell her about this problem. She was very sincere and concerned and felt bad cause she loves mariam and says she’s a sweet girl. Anyway she tried talking to the girls once and I guess nothing happened ever since. This was last month. Two days ago I received a letter from school inviting my daughter to a girls party after school and it was signed by her teacher. I understood that she planned this to mix and mingle the girls and yes it was a great event. I appreciate what she’s done. It was an incredible idea and she came back home so happy. Ever since I received the letter I was so happy and loved the idea and the fact that she was really concerned and trying to solve this issue. She had really done more than any teacher would have done. I appreciate it and can’t thank her enough. Hope the other girls got the message and even if they didn’t, it’s enough that this teacher tried and tried with all her heart and mariam was so happy and had fun for the first time since quite a long time. Thank you teacher and May God bless you and fulfill your dreams. Hope you are reading this Ms Jennifer from KAS and even if you r not, I will sure write you a special letter.


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