Crossed my mind

Strange enough I was watching a movie when all of a sudden I remembered my friend Shams (RIP). Shams was my best friend ever since we were little girls with braids. She had asthma and we all knew about it cause it sometimes made her stay at home instead of attending a birthday party for example. We dealt with it as a normal thing and never thought it was serious, maybe because we were young and not mature enough. I was so close to her and her family. Her elder sister was so nice and was like a friend too and also her cousin. Then shams got married and traveled with her husband to Saudi Arabia and since that time I can say we separated forever. She stayed there for several years then when they decided to come back to Egypt and settle, it was our turn to leave and come here to kuwait (so ironic). I never saw her again or her family as I heard the sad news over the phone and I didn’t even have the chance to say Goodbye my friend. Shams I love you and won’t ever forget you. Forgive me for not being there with you at the hardest times.


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