My Besties Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of my two besties in Kuwait Amal and Ghadeer. Yes they are sisters, not twins, but one was born on the 22nd and the other on 23rd. So we decided to celebrate both yesterday. Our plan was to bring all their friends and surprise them but luck wasn’t our friend this time as all their uncommon friends were out of town unfortunately. However, we weren’t a big number but it turned out perfectly. We surprised them with a limo in front of their house and they weren’t really expecting it at all. So they were thrilled when we showed up in this way. We had a tour in this really beautiful limo which was filled with balloons and juice and had a CD for birthday songs and we sang along and played games. Then we headed back to their place and continued the games and started dancing and then came the gorgeous cake. Oh everything was just perfect and we had fun and so did the birthday girls. Love you Amal and Ghadeer.


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