Two exhibitions in one week

I participated in two exhibitions/markets in one week. The first one was on Sunday and Monday: the Management Market at Gust University Mishref which was total waste of time for us as it was in the open air and under the sun where students don’t really hang out as they have their cafés indoors in the air conditioned area. No selling but thank God that at the end of the second day they gave us back our money. As for the other one it was at Drag965 Kuwait Mile car race held yesterday in Subhan. How can I describe it? Only one big word: success. It was awesome by all means. Hundreds of people were there to see the race and they were all thirsty in this weather and to our luck we were serving juices and refreshments and I called my husband to bring us more cold drinks and water and ice. My God the crowd was over our heads. It was very tiresome but we enjoyed it as the effort wasn’t wasted. Hope to see all the other markets as crowded as this one.


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