Evil Eye

What an evil eye! I was so happy at the beginning of the week and had so many things to do and to prepare, but guess what?! Someone envied me, yes. I have no other explanation other than that. To begin with, I received a phone call from the school nurse telling me that my daughter cracked her knee and that I need to take her to the hospital as she can’t walk. Not to go into details but this was the cause of canceling her dancing party which she was so excited about as well as me. Then on Thursday I had a maid to clean my house and while cleaning I found her fainted on the floor all of a sudden. She’s not my maid, I get her from one of the companies who send maids for 10 KD for 5 hours. However I was shocked and didn’t know what to do, I can’t take her to hospital and I can’t give her a medicine. So I called the company to send the driver to collect her and take her to hospital. After waiting for two hours, the driver showed up and I gave him a piece of my mind as he really pissed me. First for coming late with the excuse that he had to pick other girls first (not understanding that this was emergency), and as he also told me that he won’t take her to hospital. However, I was so angry that I gave him my back and left. Two days earlier I started a flu and I tried healing myself with vitamin c and strepsils but Thursday evening it really hit me hard. I woke up Friday morning with no voice at all and terrible pain plus drowsiness and exhaustion. It was a terrible day so I started antibiotic. Today I can’t breathe, talk or swallow. So I had a terrible weekend and it’s still going on. I was supposed to go out with my friend tomorrow morning but I guess I can’t. Hope I’m better the day after as I’m invited for breakfast 😀


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