Awesome Week

This week is just awesome by all means. It started with my old friend winning the elections at the shooting club and became a board member. We supported him through the social media and by spreading the word to all our friends and families. This was my role as I couldn’t go and vote for him unfortunately. Our other friends stood by him step by step through the whole procedure. We were all worried and tensed till they announced it. I was so happy. This is what true friends are for.
Yesterday I had a TV interview with Al Jazeera channel to support our friend Lulwa. I was so frightened and didn’t know what to say but as soon as the camera rolled on, the words came out of my mouth spontaneously. It was such an awesome experience.
This Thursday my daughter is throwing a dancing party at our home. So of course I’m excited and can’t wait to dance along even though I have the feeling that she won’t let me lol. I have lots of planning to make and that’s something I like. Busy fun week it is.


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