A full time job

It’s been a while since I’ve written here and it’s all because of my new job. I didn’t get a real job in an office as I used to do before, but what I’m doing now is more like a full time job. This new project that I started with my hubby is taking much of my time. It was such an excellent move from my husband. He knew that I am bored all day at home not doing anything and I didn’t find a real job anyway. So, we decided to participate in one of the farmers market as mentioned before and we are now going on a weekly basis but this means I’m working on a daily basis preparing for it. It’s filling my life and I’m not bored at all now, in the contrary I’m too busy to even blog as before. Plus I’m receiving calls from schools and exhibitions to participate with them. I did it last week and joined a farmers market in AlCorniche club but it was really hectic. Once a week is more than enough in addition to taking orders and delivering them throughout the week. Thank you Mo for giving me this.


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