Farmers Market

I think that everybody noticed that farmers markets is a trend in Kuwait. There are several markets doing this kind of exhibition where vendors bring their food and sell either fresh veggies, or cooked food and all sorts of bread and dairy products. There is no fixed place for such markets but some of them are once a month and some are weekly and some randomly. I visited these markets and I honestly liked the idea and the atmosphere and so did my husband. However I tried participating in one of them but didn’t have the chance and kept trying for three months with no hope and with apologizing every time. So I thought of getting in touch with another market and I got a reply from their side that they will meet me for food sampling. Whether they are going to accept us or not, I have to admit that their way of replying is way better than the other arrogant people without mentioning names but if are reading this they will definitely know themselves and so will other vendors who were rejected for no good reason. Well my meeting is next Monday so pls wish me good luck and I will be posting you the outcome inshallah.


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