Family or just Parents Day

Ever since we came here to kuwait we had this habit of going out for lunch on Fridays as a Family gathering. Of course our children grew up into teenagers now and they prefer going out with their friends more. I know that this is normal and that I have to face the fact that they have their own lives now and their own interests as well, but it’s not wrong to hang out with their parents every now and then and chat a little. I’m not asking for much, really. I know that they wouldn’t like to go with us to the movies or BBQ or trips but we can at least hang out in the living room to watch TV or just talk. They agree to go with us to the mall just when they need to buy clothes or shoes but that’s it and a big fullstop. However, we used to be like that when we were their age or a bit older and what goes around,…
So, yesterday was Friday and I went out with my husband for lunch. We decided to explore the Old Souq in the Avenues. First thing we noticed is that it’s a mini Mubarkaia with the same decoration and spirit. I liked the place and we chose a Turkish restaurant which was terrific. It was a great choice for the food and dessert too. After that we walked a little in the Avenues mall and found out that Aishti has a 50% Sale and I know that they sell Burberry bags so we went inside and checked it out and found a perfect bag for summer, and sweet enough my hubby bought it for me as a token of love. Oh my God, how I loved the parents Friday this weekend. It turned out to be perfect after all my concerns. Love you hubby.




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