A visit from Egypt

My friend Dina arrived last week. She came to Kuwait on a visit visa to her husband who is living here. I know Dina ever since we were kids in school and didn’t see her for a very long time (like 24 years) but I caught her here in the Avenues few months ago and got to know that her husband just came to work in Kuwait. Last time, I only saw her once as I didn’t know that she was here from the beginning of her visit. But this time she told me in advance. Till now I saw her three times; we had breakfast together at Vine Restaurant, another time we went to Tajin in Palms with my other friends and it was awesome as it was Christmas Eve and she liked my gang, as for the third time it was at my house for lunch and the husbands got along quite well thank God. Today her elder daughter is coming and she is busy with her but maybe tomorrow we will go out to show Malack her daughter the city. Any suggestions where to take her around as she is 20 and want to impress her.


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