Egyptian Wedding in Kuwait

My husband got an invitation to an Egyptian wedding here in Kuwait. The invitation card was for him and his wife, so we went yesterday. The wedding was held at the Palms hotel. It was the first time to attend an Egyptian wedding here so I was very excited and anxious at the same time. One drop back was that I didn’t know anyone there, but nevertheless I had a blast. We went with Hamad, my hubby’s friend and we went so early that we waited for an hour and a half till the zaffa started. It wasn’t as long as our zaffas in Egypt and it didn’t have belly dancers to make it perfect, but it was nice with all their friends dancing around them. Then the bride and groom entered the ballroom and the music started and all the youth were on their feet. The difference between this wedding and the others that I attend here is that the party is mixed. Other than that, it was the same fun. The songs were not just Egyptian, but they played several khaleeji, Lebanese and Moroccon songs as well. Even the elderly people and grand parents were dancing, it was like they miss this ambiance here. I danced while sitting on the chair unfortunately as my husband doesn’t dance and I knew no one, but I enjoyed the beat. We stayed till 1:00 am and then left the party while there was a show going on and I don’t know when it ended and what we missed.


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