Summing up the weekend

To give you a sum up of the weekend with all the events that took place, here we go. Of course it started with the dessert and not the savory (metaphore) as I truly mean that the best was the first, which was our feast at Vine Kwt Restaurant in Bneid Algarr where we were invited by Lulu and Mohamed as mentioned in my last post. This was the beginning of the fun and I can also say that it was the peak as well. However, I visited the Annual Bazaar that was held yesterday Friday in Salwa Al Sabah Hall in Salmiya. It wasn’t as crowded as last year, but maybe because I went late in the evening and didn’t see the crowd of the morning. However as a total I wasn’t quite impressed and nothing was new. I guess every time it will be the same place, same faces, vendors, decoration and same stuff. As for today Saturday, I went to Qout Market in Alraya Center car parking. I admit I like the idea of the farmers exhibition and I thought I’d only find food, dairy products, vegetables, plants and flowers – anything related to farming. However, there was more than that, I found a lot of Arts and Crafts corners and some other beauty products and accessories. I honestly didn’t like that although it’s none of my business but I thought it was out of place. And as what I heard about the organizer that she is so picky, how come she agreed to these other vendors to participate. Well, as a whole it was nice, fun, weather was amazing, view was terrific, lot of crowd, nice booths and plenty of delicious food. Vine Kwt Restaurant was also participating, and we were there to support our friend Lulu and her partner Mohamed. We sat inside their booth with them and tasted all their yummy food and fresh bread. We had a quick tour and off we went to end the weekend.






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